Why MookieMerino

Pure Organic Sustainable Wool Baby Sleeping Bag

Full of natural goodness

Pure organic wool, 100% natural, durable, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable.

4 Season Sleep Bag - No TOG - Summer - Autumn - Winter - Spring Baby Sleeping Bag

4 Seasons

No more guessing your baby’s temperature and wasting money on different bags with different TOGs and sizes.

Unisex Baby Sleeping Bag - 2 to 24 Months - 4 Seasons

Size: 2 months to 24 months plus

Our sleep bag is 89 cm long, which caters for babies in the top height percentile and allows your baby to move freely.

Certified Extra Fine Australian Merino Wool - Best Luxury Sleeping Bag Quality

Most luxurious merino wool used for baby sleeping bags

Our sleep bag has two layers of 100% merino wool, with a quality of 17.9 microns, qualifying for the coveted Woolmark Extra Fine rating.

Great Temperature Regulation - Climate Management - Summer - Autumn - Winter - Spring - Highly Breathable - No TOG

Climate management

Naturally assists in regulating your baby’s body temperature, so no freezing or overheating, which means longer and better sleep.

Award-Winning Baby Sleep Sack - Woolmark and OEKO-TEX Certified - Best Baby Sleeping Bag


Award-winning and awarded the prestigious Nurture certification by The Woolmark Company.

Best Luxury Sleeping Bag - 4 Season

Skin friendly

Hypoallergenic and allows the skin to breathe naturally, which reduces sweating and absorbs moisture, reducing skin irritations, allergies, asthma and eczema. Merino wool is the best next-to-skin garment for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Ethical Baby Sleep Bag


Independently certified for merino wool quality by Woolmark, for non mulesing of sheep by Deloitte, for business social compliance by BSCI and for not using nasty chemicals by OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I and REACH.

2-Way Zipper Baby Sleep Sack

2-way zipper

YKK nickel-free double direction zipper, making it a breeze to change a diaper without needing to wake up and undress your baby.

Antibacterial 4 Season Sleeping Bag


Germ, dirt and odour resistant. Helps keep your baby healthy and the sleeping bag requires less washing, hence better for the environment.

Safe Comfortable Wool Baby Sleep Sack

Neck protection

Fitted neck so your baby’s head stays outside the sleep bag and a chin guard where the zipper ends to protect your baby’s skin.

Machine Washable - Easy Care Baby Sleep Sack

Ease of care

Naturally stain resistant, anti wrinkle and will never contain static electricity. Machine washable with wool detergent and dries quickly.

Safe & Secure 4 Season Sleeping Bag - Travel Slot - Seat Belt Opening - Easy Change Nappy Diaper - 5 Point Harness

Travel slot

Travel slot to fasten your child into a car seat or pram/stroller, perfect for travelling.

Adjustable Length Baby Sleeping Bag- Good for Tall Babies - One Size 2 Months to 24 Months

Adjustable length

Three sets of YKK nickel-free snap buttons at the back enable you to adjust your sleeping bag to your baby’s height for the most comfortable fit.

Nickel-Free Safe Baby Sleeping Bag

Snap buttons on shoulders

YKK nickel-free snap buttons on both shoulders to easily dress or undress your baby.

Comfortable Soft Baby Toddler Sleep Bag

Maximum comfort

Extremely soft inside seams and a lining of merino behind the zipper to prevent rubbing on your baby’s skin.

Safety Standards - UK BS8510:2009 AS/NZS 1249:2003

Meets safety standards

Conforms to UK BS 8510:2009 and AS/NZS 1249:2003 standards for kids’ sleepwear safety. Also REACH and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I forbidding nasty chemicals.

Helps Prevent DDH / Hip Dysplasia - Safe Baby Sleeping Bag

Helps prevent DDH

Loose fitted from the hips down to help in the prevention of infant developmental dysplasia of the hip.

Naturally Safe Kid Sleeping Bag Safety

Natural flame retardant

Merino wool is one of the least flammable fibres, making it extremely safe to wear.

Best Luxury Sleeping Bag - Safe Infant Sleep Sack

SIDS & Kids compliant

The garment design and development was executed following the SIDS and Kids safe sleeping guidelines.

Natural Protection TOG - Pure Organic Merino Wool Baby Sleep Bag

UV protection

Naturally protects from UV radiation.

4 Season Luxury Baby Sleeping Bag

Made with love

Designed in Europe and merino wool sourced in Australia.

The MookieMerino Difference

The MookieMerino 4-Season Sleep Bag’s two layers of 100% Extra Fine Australian merino wool, with a quality rating of 17.9 microns, is unique in the market and provides your baby with the full range of benefits that merino wool has to offer.

Not only are the vast majority of sleeping bags made of lesser quality wool, with a rating of 19 or 20 microns, they only use a single layer of merino wool combined with a layer of an inferior material, therefore nullifying the majority of the benefits provided by merino wool.

The merino wool used in MookieMerino’s sleeping bags provides a temperature-controlled cocoon around a sleeping child, resulting in a deeper and more restful sleep for your baby. It is breathable and wicks moisture away, keeping your baby dry and warm. This is extremely important since it can take up to one year for newborns to be able to regulate their own body temperature. Merino wool truly provides peace of mind to parents, who can rest assured their little Mookies stay snug the whole night. A good night’s sleep means a healthier and happier family.

The MookieMerino 4-Season Sleep Bag is a proud recipient of the prestigious Woolmark Nurture certification which applies only to the finest Woolmark-certified materials. It is a symbol of quality assurance, proving fibre content and fitness for purpose through strict testing, which follows global industry standard, making it a coveted sleep bag.

We do not chemically treat our garments with nasty chemicals in any way during or after the manufacturing process, keeping them pure and safe.

To watch a short video explaining the benefits of merino wool please click here.